Ruthless Good: The Great Austin Scavenger Hunt

Registration and Fundraising Q&As

To register, and start earning points click here!


How much is the registration fee to participate for individuals/teams?

A registration fee of only $35 per person will start your Ruthless Good adventure.

Do I need to pay the registration at sign-up or can I do that later?

You will need to pay the registration fee before you can confirm your registration.

What does my registration fee pay for?

Your registration fee pays for the Austin experience of the year! You will enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of this awesome city while having a blast with hundreds of your closest friends! You'll also get lunch AND a pretty sweet t-shirt.


There is no minimum or maximum team size. You are welcome to have as many as you like. Just keep in mind that every team member needs to be in every photo submitted at various locations. 

Can I be added to a team or switch teams at a later date?

The United Way for Greater Austin staff can make changes to teams. Email us at and we can make a switch.


Log in and click "Manage My Page" in the drop down accessed by clicking your name at the top right of the page.


Are there any other personal costs associated with the event?

You will not be expected to buy anything to win the scavenger hunt. But the competition is fierce, and losing might cost your pride…so don’t let that happen!!

Where will my fundraising dollars go?

UWATX believes that everyone deserves to enjoy the promise of Austin, which is why we rally our community to help all our citizens reach their full potential. Your fundraising support for Ruthless Good helps to make this all happen. 

Through the dollars you raise, you will:

Are all participants asked to fundraise?

All registered participants are asked to raise $250 before the beginning of the event. And as a reward, you'll get extra bonus points to give you a leg up on the competition! (More details to come on the competition and prizes.) Our goal for Ruthless Good is to raise $200,000 for the individuals and families we serve. We definitely need your help and promise to also help you with fundraising ideas so stay tuned for updates. However, if you aren’t able to raise $250, we still love you and want you to participate in the scavenger hunt.

Are children asked to fundraise for the event?

All participants are encouraged to fundraise $250. Let’s face it, kids are already highly skilled at asking for things. Why not teach them to channel those powers to do good in the community?

I have never fundraised before. I'm not sure i can do it. 

Asking for money isn’t something most people enjoy, but when your friends and loved ones learn about the fun you’re having and the good you’re doing for our community, they will want to support you. You may be thinking that you can’t raise the minimum amount, yet you’re most likely going to find that fundraising is easier than you think, and we are happy to help you through the process. When you register for the hunt, you will get your own fundraising page that you can personalize and access tools to help your efforts. You can link your fundraising campaign to your social media accounts to make it easier to fundraise, spread the word and invite others to join. Be sure to do this because we’ll also be offering ways to earn prizes and more points for your team through social media before and during the event. If you’re feeling nervous about fundraising, we are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for help!

When do I receive my fundraising prize?

Prizes will be available for pick up post- hunt at the UWATX offices. Winners and announcement will occur the day of the event, April 7, 2018 at the Long Center. Please watch for details on the Ruthless Good website and in eNewsletters.

Can I donate my prize back to United Way for Greater Austin?

 Yes and we’ll put it to good use for the people we serve.

What happens to the donations if I can no longer participate in the event?

Donations are non-transferable (cannot be credited to another individual's or team's fundraising account). Regardless of your participation in the event, your donations allow the United Way for Greater Austin to fund vital programs in the Central Texas community.

How do I get a copy of your 501(c)(3) letter and/or tax id number?

Please email to receive a copy of this letter.

Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, donations are fully tax deductible.