Ruthless Good: The Great Austin Scavenger Hunt

Here are some additional deets about the Ruthless Good Scavenger Hunt

Ruthless Good will be on April 7, 2018. Register Here to start earning points! 

Where does Ruthless Good start and finish?

Ruthless Good will kick off and wrap up on the Long Center’s City Terrace, facing Lady Bird Lake. All teams will need to be check in at the Long Center between 9:00am- 9:45am and will need to return from the hunt for team check in by Noon. 

Where can I park?

Parking is available at the Palmer Events Center Parking Garage. The garage is located at 900 Barton Springs Road, between Riverside Drive, South First Street and Barton Springs Road just south of Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin. 

What do I need to bring to the scavenger hunt?

At check-in, you will receive a Ruthless Good shirt, as well as a free lunch voucher. Think about bringing weather specific gear if needed (jackets, rain coats, sunscreen, sunglasses). Also, be sure to bring your mobile phone to upload photos and answer trivia, and perhaps even a selfie stick will come in handy (and we know you have one). Comfortable shoes, determination and grit are also highly recommended! 

Please note: Anything you bring with you, you will be carrying around for two hours so leave any purses or other bulky items at home or in your vehicle.

What tasks make up the scavenger hunt? 

Teams will earn points during the hunt by taking photos at points of interest within walking distance of the Long Center, answering Austin-centric trivia including our communities most pressing needs and completing a few surprise challenges as a team. Accumulate as many points as you can from 10am to noon and earn the right to be called the most Ruthlessly Good team!

What happens if it rains?

Ruthless Good will go on rain or shine so your team may want to stock up on rain gear just in case. Outfit yourselves for the weather and hope other teams chicken out so your path to prizes is even easier!

Do all team members need to be present for the entire event?

Yes! Ruthless Good is a team-based event and all team members must be present from morning check in until prizes are announced. Only teams with all team members still present can win team prizes. 

How strenuous is the hunt?

Ruthless Good is a walking event that lasts two hours – some teams will hustle the whole time and get a real workout and some teams will leisurely stroll through downtown. There are more clues and photo opportunities than any team can complete in two hours so coming up with a winning strategy is key! While every team will be outdoors moving around for two hours, the level of physical activity will vary greatly from team to team.

Will there be a lot of walking?

All teams must complete the hunt without the use of bicycles, pedi-cabs, motor vehicles, roller skates, skateboards, jet packs etc. You are responsible for getting your body from clue to clue and anyone caught by another team on bike or in cars will be docked points or consumed by a dinosaur, whichever happens first.

Are pets allowed?

Sorry, pets are not allowed at the Long Center.

How will Ruthless Good be scored?

Teams will submit photos and trivia answers for specified point values through the GreatFeats technology platform throughout the hunt. Our staff and volunteer team will be monitoring the team points so no shenanigans.

Are food and beverages provided to participants?

With your registration, you will receive a free lunch voucher. Additional food options and beer will be available for purchase at the wrap-up event.

What do I win?

Your team can win prizes in a variety of categories including highest fundraising team, most points and several more. All prizes will be like Ruthless Good itself- fun team activities at Austin-centric events, bars, restaurants and venues so you can keep your team spirit going long after Ruthless Good wraps up!

Can my friends and family who aren’t participating join me at the event?

Family members and friends who aren’t on your team are welcome to join you at the wrap up event on the Long Center’s City Terrace from 12:00 pm to 1 pm but will not receive parking and lunch vouchers. Various lunch options and drinks will be available for purchase.

How can I get involved behind the scenes at Ruthless Good?

Ruthless Good needs your help to put on the most fun event that Austin has ever seen! Volunteers are needed from the moment the first team supply bag is packed until the venue looks spotless, like we were never there. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, and which one might be right for you, email us at

Who manages Ruthless Good?

Ruthless  Good is managed by the staff and committed volunteers of United Way for Greater Austin. Our love for Austin inspires us to work to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives here, and to celebrate what makes  Austin great through Ruthless Good.